Im Gonna buy one for SURE!!!!

Which one? I already have a NOS blues junior.... should i get the AD5 which has a 10 in speaker. or the tiny terror?

AD5- $489
Tiny Terror- $750

They are both made in korea
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I know but ive also heard great things about the AD5. I want a hendrix type amp(sounds stupid to say that). Th blues junior is perfect for my blues stuff...i just bought an analogman sunface. im just wondering if a tiny terror is worth the extra $250.
Sorry to hi-jack your thread, but what do you think about the Sunface?

HELPFUL EDIT: Are you going to be playing in a band or anything? I've heard the AD5 has less gain than the TT. I say get the Tiny Terror if you're playing any kinds of gigs/with people.
Well sorry bro but i wont get the Sunface till either monday or tuesday...but ill pm you my review. No im not gigging at the moment its for home use. I got my blues junior for jamming. When i start giging ill buy something nice.
Couldn't you just use a fuzz/OD pedal with your blues junior?
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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^ Alright. If I were in your position, I'd get the AD5. You'd be able to turn it up a smidge more, and I always did like the AD series.

And thanks for the future reviews, appreciate it.
Woooo! go AD5
I was going to reccomend it any way
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AHHHH!!!! Ive spent close to 800 dollars on gear i dont need in the past two days....holy shit i need gear rehab.
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I got an Orange AD5...ill give reviews of both the ad5 and the sunface next week.

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