Alright, this is related to guitar gear, but its more of a social issue so I'm putting in the Pit.

So I recentley brought my guitar into a tech (on the advice of my friend) and I wanted to get a new pickup ordered/installed + full setup of guitar (action etc.)

Got it back today, all well and good, except they order & installed a regular pickup instead of F-spaced. When I told him which one I wanted, I didn't specify, just told him the brand and model.

Now, I don't know what I should do about it. They would probably have to order a new pickup, take out the old one and re-do the entire setup. Who is it fault, me for not specifying, or the tech for not knowing a Floyd Rose guitar needs a f$@%ing F-Spaced pickup?

So pit, what should I do?
Maybe you should talk to the tech? Just putting it out there. If he doesn't have a problem switching it for you then problem solved!
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I'd say it's both of your faults, you should have been more specific, but the guy is still an idiot.

Take it back and see if he'll do anything about it for you, if not, I'd look for somewhere else and be sure to specify exactly what you want.
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Yeah, I'm going to talk to him tommorow/Monday. I just hope it doesn't become an awkward situation, where no one wants to admit fault. I knew it should have been f-spaced, but my friend said this guy was the BEST so I didn't tell him.

Edit: anyone know how bad it is, the tone's alright, really only the lower two strings are a bit farther out then they should be. And the pickup is a Dimarzio Tone Zone which has a pretty solid bottom end.
whats f spaced anyway?

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i say its your fault for being a noob and not knowing how to setup a guitar

.. but if your not a noob then i apologize
deffinetly there f up especially he should know if he is a good tech what should be installed if i were you i would return it and ask them to fix it free of charge politely and if they give you a hard time they should have know it is there fault and give then an even harder time back

sometimes you have to a prick if they are
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