-please try and improve the tone a little bit. maybe it would be better with less distortion. right now it just sounds like microchips.
Hey, somebody has to do it. I mean, in the first post I write Im going to add more, this is not the final thing. I know the tone isnt great, that can be polished up. It's just the idea of the song itself. I've never been able to record anything because ive never had the tools.
The tone is far from great.

You're a good guitarist. This has potential, but really, without the bass and drums, it is nothing. Also it needs some melody, unless ofcourse melody isn't your thing. Maybe you should wait till it's a bit more of a song before posting?

By the way, don't be so conceited, it won't get you anywhere.
Oh and by the way, you shouldn't be a bitch, no one likes little bitches now. Hey, I think I have to be a little conceited because if I do what you do, which is probably nothing, I would go no where. If you knew how to read I said in the first post, I will add bass and drums and all that jazz! Dumbass! ,If anybody has any criticism towards anything that's not what I said I would correct in my previous posts, please, speak your mind.
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