Hey I'm a singer/screamer looking for a serious group of musicians who would like to play some Escape the Fate type of shit. I'm still developing as a singer but my screams are solid. MUST BE IN THE INDIANAPOLIS REGION AND MUST BE SERIOUS AND DEDICATED. I'll be willing to audition anytime.


Escape the Fate
Bring Me the Horizon
Bullet for My Valentine
As Blood Runs Black

If you are looking for a guitarist or bassist and meet this criteria as well than I am most certainly willing to fill that position as well. I have been playing for 7-8 years and can play rhythm or lead guitar. Please contact me at 1(317)437-1531 or at christopherrude@aol.com. Thank you =]

Experience :

Guitar/bass: 7-8 years
vocals: 3 years

Past Bands:

Drowning In Mutiny (OCR Records)
Pathosis (unsigned)
Hold Back the Dawn (unsigned)
Damn I wish you lived where I do (Austin, Texas). I love Escape the Fate and Bullet for My Valentine so it'd be awesome to have a singer with influences from those bands. My friend and I are guitarists looking to form a band together and we're both not too experienced I guess compared to other guitarists in bands. I have a little more than a year's worth of experience and he has probably about 3 years experience but we're equally as good and we've probably progressed more as guitarists than most other people with our amount of experience (Mainly because we compete with each other; it's kind of like a rivalry thing but it makes for good motivation to get better lol) so yea, don't know why I'm basically telling you my musician's life story because it won't get us anywhere anyway but I figured I'd share for the hell of it