Hey guys, so i've got this problem. i can't figure out how to position my left hand to mute strings so i can get the raking effect that John gets in the main guitar line in Can't Stop..

Anyone know how i can position my hadn or what the trick is? right now i just get the line, just without the raking and i think that that subtracts from the song a lot...

I need it for a show monday so ASAP please!

There's sweeps in can't stop??
Anyways, usually with sweeps your fretting hand is kinda busy so most of the muting is done a la picking hand.
no, no sweeps. There's raking. When you mute all the strings and then strum. It gets that "thuck" sound. Idk how to describe it. lol. On tabs it shows up as x's on the strings..
Say the note your playing is 12th fret E on the thinnest string. The way I do it is I play the E with my first finger, then the rake with my middle (sometimes third to avoid harmonics). The dip in the string from fretting should give you enough room for the mutes.
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Well, I'm not sure if this will help you at all, but when I play that song, I don't strum all 6 strings. I'll fret the string being played and then mute the rest with that same finger. I might only strum 2 or 3 strings at a time. It definitely takes some practice with stuff like that, so don't get discouraged.
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this is how i play it.
after you play that little intro crescendo part that goes back and forth from the 5th to 7th fret on the A string, you get into that percussive funky riff.

move your index finger so that it pushes down on the 7th fret of the A string. Make sure that the tip of your index finger lightly touches the low E so that it mutes it. At the same time, lower/angle your index finger so that the base of your finger rests on the D G B and high E strings. then with your right hand strum all 6 strings. It SHOULD produce just one note and get that raky percussive feel you want. [The note that is being played is E (7th fret A string)]

Next; land your middle finger on the 7th fret of the G string, and gently release the pressure of your index finger, but make sure that your index doesnt move. Your index still needs to lightly rest on all the strings so as to get that rake. Then strike all 6 strings. [the only note that should ring is the D note [7th fret G string]

Next; keep your index and middle finger in place and get your pinky to push down on the 9th fret of the G string. If your pinky finger ends up touching the B or high E string accidently, thats ok because you only want the note E to ring out [9th fret G string] strum all strings

Those notes alternate for a bit then the next bit is a tad tricky ...

you'll need to curl your thumb around the neck so as to mute Low E and the A string. At the same time you'll need to mute the G B and E string with your index finger. The D string needs to be open. You dont want any finger touching this string. Now Strum all 6 strings. Then you're going to push down on the 7th fret of the G string with your index finger. But as you fret this string you need the tip of your index to lightly touch the D string, so that the D doesnt ring when you strike all 6 strings. Then you use your pinky to push down on the 9th fret of the G string.

Those series of notes alternate then ..

then you get your index finger and rest it along all six strings but make sure you push down on the 7th fret of the low E, then strum all strings. Then you use your index to finger the 7th on the G string, and then your pinky on the 9th of the G.

those notes are then played....

I dont know how this next part is played. I just make it up.
I use my middle finger to rest along all 6 strings, but i push down on the 8th fret of the Low E string, and then strum all strings. Then i play the 7th and 9th fret of the G string with my index and pinky finger respectively.

remember, everytime an individual note is played, all 6 strings are strummed which means that FIVE of the strings need to be muted in some way or another. If you feel my way doesnt make sense or it;s uncomfortable to play then find your own way. Just make sure that 5 strings are muted for every note that is being played.

..i hope that makes sense. and i hope you understand a little bit more of how to mute the strings you need.

For the strumming pattern, the most important thing to understand is that you constantly need to move your hand up and down. In terms of when you upstrum or downstrum it's really up to you. Listen to the record and try to sus it out yourself. But you really need to keep your right hand moving up and down. Thats how you get that crunchy funky vibe.
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Thanks man that really helped. I just needed a good idea of how to position my left hand for it. Thanks!

Now I just have to practice a lot..