Pearl Rhythym Travler/Zildjian Avedis Cymbals/Extra Stand - $1200 - Tampa Bay

Pearl Rhythym Travler 5-Piece Drumset (Jet Black):
20 x 8 Bass Drum
10 x 5 Tom
12 x 5 Tom
14 x 5 Tom
13 x 5 Wood Snare Drum
TH-70 Two Tom Holders
TH-70S Tom Holder Short
C-70W 3 Section Double Braced Cymbal Stand
P-70 Bass Drum Pedal
H-70 Hi-hat Stand
S-70 Snare Drum Stand
Silent Ride/Crash Cymbal
Silent Hi-hat Cymbal
Muffle Heads (Mesh)
Plastic Heads

Zildjian Avedis Cymbal Pack:
Medium Ride Cymbal 20"
Medium Thin Crash Cymbal 16"
New Beat Hi-Hat (Top and Bottom) 14"
Cymbal/Gig Bag

Extra Stand for Cymbal
the arsonist had oddly shaped feet...