Well, I was dead-set on a Vox AD50vt for my next upgrade from an SS, but after trying out my friends Marshall JCM800, I think I'm leaning more towards a pure tube amp. Unfortunately, where I live our local guitar shops don't have the facilities for me to try out some of these amps, so I'm just gathering as much advice and YouTube vids as possible before I buy online.

From what I've heard, I'm really considering the following:

- Laney VC30
- Vox AD50Vt (still, but not quite so sure now)
- One of the Marshall JCM's
- Peavey ValveKing
- Peavey Classic 30
- Fender Hot Rod or Blues Pro Junior

I'm also definitely open to more suggestions.

My budget is around $700-800 AUD, and I use a Fender Jaguar.
I need something that's loud enough to gig/rehearse with in a band.
Our band does a lot of Chilli Peppers covers so I'm looking for something with sexy cleans, but also some nice distortion for modern rock and classic rock, as we play a lot of Foo Fighters type of rock, punk, classic metal, funk and blues, and the songs we write are rock songs too.

Most of all, I'm looking for something with good tone for both cleans/distortion, so please tell me what you'd recommend.

Thanks in advance.
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Blues/Pro Junior or VC30.

Great cleans and cranked overdrive tones.
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I would be leaning towards the classic 30 or Hot rod. I know the classic 30 will set you back pretty much 800, I'm not too sure about the hot rod, and the classic 30 will get modern rock sounds better.
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The Hot Rod is around the 1k mark, but if the classic 30 is cheaper and better, then that's fantastic.

However, I don't mind paying a bit extra for good sound; something I've yet to own :/
Snap on the fender jag.

Its great with my vc30, but its probably a little overpriced in AUS, id go with the C30 or BJ, whichevers cheapest.