I've been noticing a lot of people (including me) have many questions about tremolo picking technique, and so I'm requesting some clearing up. I have a bad habit of shaking my arm instead of just using my wrist, so I've been trying to find tips. So far I have found that you need to relax your wrist, fingers, and arm, you are supposed to slant the pick, and most of the motion should come from your wrist. I don't know if I'm not relaxed enough, if I am missing some tips, if I simply need more discipline and practice, or if I have something wrong up here. Please give me advice. Also, how important is it that it needs to come from my wrist and how much arm movement is acceptable? Sorry, I don't have a teacher, and I want to try and make sure I don't develop hazardous habits.

Ps. Also if possible ways to practice to get technique correct.
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To get to a good Tremolo picking speed you have to start slowly and build up that speed in your wrist and doing this lets you play with a relaxed arm at fast speeds. The best practice technique that I used what simply muting the strings (Last three strings are best for tremolo practice) preferably the high E and then building up your alternate picking technique by starting slowly and building it fast then back to slow.
Also make sure you aren't using a flimsy pick, in my opinion anything above a 1mm is the best but you can use a thinner pick just make sure you angle right.
Once you feel comfortable doing this just do this drill on the G string.
You can do this same idea on any string just play scales up and down just practice, practice, practice!
Good advice

A relaxed wrist and economy of motion will help you build a smooth trem picking technique. Check the angle of your pick attack as well as that will help slice through the string and back onto it without any unneeded drag
could you be a bit more clearer on the angle? is it like 45 degree? at the moment i play tremolo with the pick directly looking down (i.e. flush) on the string. could you pm me the reponse, thanks!
Relax your wrist, practice speeding up alternate picking, try picking from new angles(Literally, not figuratively), and spend free time watching Dick Dale's left hand. Worked for me.

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