hi all. my first guitar is a Mexican Standard Fat Strat, and i'm thinking of going for a completely different sound from a strat, since i have a tele and a jaguar. However, i don't want to sell my strat, since i love the feel of the neck. thus, i'm thinking of swapping out the alder body for an ash or mahogany body.

I want to put p90s in my strat to get a fatter single coil tone, that can not only give me the fat dirty sound but also good clean sounds. i play lots of different music, from blues to hard rock.

so, which is the best wood choice for me? mahogany or ash? i know the tones i get will be miles apart, but i know both will be fatter and have more sustain compared to the alder body i currently have. which goes better with p90s? please take note that i will be using my strat neck. maple with rosewood fretboard.

i'm planning to get a hardtail body, so no tremolo and more sustain. i currently have an offer for a used USACG hounduras mahogany body. should i pull the trigger or look for an ash body?

thanks for the help.
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Id say a mahogony body would suit the P90 pickups perfectly. The two would work together extremely well especially in the sweet midrange department.