So I have departed with my jcm 800 and now it is time to find a new amp to satisfy my urges. I have checked out the krank krankenstein + and although it sounds awesome its very dark sounding and is almost a one trick pony. I have been looking into mesa boogie quite a bit but need some help. Which is a better suited mesa for me and what is the difference between the mesa dual recto solo, dual roadster, and the roadking.

I play mostly metal/rock (with the occasional blues/county/watever) that sounds much like a mix of godsmack, rob zombie, pantera, bls if you can imagine that

Also I noticed that many mesa users use marshall cabs. I am gonna guess that this is to get more midrange out of the amp. I was looking at the mesa oversized 412 cabs. Any thoughts on those? much appreciated
i havent played any of the mark series but of the mesas ive tried i definitely liked the Stiletto the most. definitely more versitile than a recto imo, and i liked the voicing more, not as dark. marshall cabs tend to have a tighter response than mesa cabs to help tame a recto's flabby ass, for example.
I think the fact that people use mesas with marshall cabs is because they spent so much on their head, that they couldn't afford the standard mesa
Well, that's the case for me

But it seems to work for me, i havn't used a mesa cab my self, but unless its way better id say save the money and get a Marshall or something similar...
thanx for the input! I went to gc yesterday and demo'd a triple, dual, mark IV, and roadster. I have played the mark before but its tough to just eq it on the spot and get good sound. So far the roadster beats the hell outta the triple and dual but I think if I had the time to sit down extensively with the mark 4 and the roadster they'd both be really great amps for what I'm shooting for.

Any more input is greatly appreciated. Also anyone that hasnt tried a egnater amp do so they are pretty nice amp (tried one of those out too yesterday). cheers!