I was looking to find a dark, sad sounding scale, or maybe a mode in a specific key...sorry if this question has been asked a million times before, but still, what scale/mode in what key (like a death metal, black metal sounding thing, like Opeth or Lamb Of God, or even Gojira) Cheers in advance!
Locrian can work well too.
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Phrygian doesn't sound sad imo. Minor and phyrgian dominant/harmonic minor can sound pretty sad tho. I think some of the saddest sounds you can make come from transitioning from hopeful to crushed (ie, major to minor, lydian to phrygian, etc).

Actually, that reminds me: screw around with lydian.
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Thanks for the help everyone, I do have a few sad chords... I dont know what they are, barre on the 8th Fret on E A and D... 12th fret on D string held down, and the 10th on A.. thats the first chord.. have no idea what its called.. I'm a bit uh, uneducated on the matter of chords and such..so if anyone can name that little beastie..I'd be rather happy... and then might start asking the names of the others...ha ha..sorry..I'm an idiot.. :P