hi all, i am intermediate guitarist, i play mostly metal, lead and soloist, i have got a marchall mg10cd amp, " am changing it soon, so no "change the amp" plz,and am buying a new guitar ,but i got 2 choices ,
ibanez rg370dx
musican friend don't know it
esp v-200

or nor? if nor say smth else in the same price range plz

i saw that the v is very uncomfortable when sitting down, so any other esp guitars with emg and same price range? thx

thx all
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I have a 370DX. While it's a good guitar, the trem will piss you off after a while. But give it a pickup change and it's pretty awesome.
i thought about the dinky but alot of people said esp and ibanez are better
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i thought about the dinky but alot of people said esp and ibanez are better

If they're talking about the DK2 or DKMG, they're very wrong. The JS ones are worse though.
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The JS ones are worse though.


Anyways, don't buy the crap you're looking at. $399 for those? Hell no.

Take a little time and check pawn shops, smaller stores, GC sales, eBay, Craigslist. For around $400 you can find an RG550, which is about 1,000,000,000,000 times better than what you're looking at. (Starving Musician in Berkeley has a sexy RG550 for $300)
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They are both dire. Jackson DK maybe?


Low-end ESPs and Ibanez's aren't very good.
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the rg370 is pretty good until the trem wears out and if u change the bridge pup

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Ltd ec-256 in your price range and it's not bad if you swap the pickups

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