genre: black metal (finnish)

i have wanted to play this song for a long time, ultimate guitar search yeilds no guitar tab results for the band or song, neither does google . google does have hits for lyrics, but that doesn't help me very much.

youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7NXrY6K2I4

my ear is terrible, but i am guessing the song is played in D down x steps or just down x steps. (most metal of this type is so i just figure it is as well).

im pretty sure one of the riffs uses artificial harmonics. if you tab it, i wont ask you to tab the exact pitch.

i would like a tab of the riffs more then of the solo's. so if the solo's not worth figuring out, thats alright by me.

huge thanks to anyone that can help me out

edit: i dont know what the sound quality of the video is, because i can't watch it . i have the video saved on my computer, but i do not know if it is the same one from the link i posted here.
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