Hi, I`ve seen an 1994 Ibanez jem7 wh, at auction, for like 1300 $. It is surely orginal one, and looks like its in great condition outside. But, the problem is, does time make any big difference, in guitars ? I dont want to end up, playing some tragic tremolo, and pickups, that cant produce any sound.
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JEMS are awful

With all dose of respect, I do like them, but, lets not turn this thread into taste, battle, I have only asked, wheter the time will have some dramatic influence on guitar.
Cheers bro !
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JEMS are awful

disregard that.

becuase its a high end Ibanez, the individual parts will have stood the test of time, unless the previous owner punished it.
even if its not in great nick, thats a decent price, and replacement parts are easy enough to come by.
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