So basically i've been playing a little crappy practice amp for the past 4 years or so, and I have decided to get a new amp for christmas.
Currently my main guitar is an ESP EC-500 with EMG's 81 + 60.
I'm looking to spend around £200 on a new amp, and seeing as I know very little about amps, I need help lol.
I play alot of metallica, megadeth etc. kind of stuff so it needs to be able to handle the distortion but also get some nice cleans out of it.
Various effects built in would be good, my mate has a VOX which is awsome, but I was thinking maybe marshall?


Edit:// Also, anyone know where I can buy a cheap gibson-flying v copy? Preferably in white.
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Don't get a marshall at that price because it would be an mg which are terrible. Vox's are good but you would need pedals to get the metal tone. An AD50VT would be good at around £180 on gak...
In all honesty £200 doesn't get you much - it gets you a good practice amp as opposed to a crappy one.

Look at the Roland Cube series or Peavey Vypyr.

Steer well clear of anything made by Marshall in your price bracket unless it's a used JCM 800 or 900...
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Right so marshalls are basically - well, stay away from them.
I'll check out your suggestions thanks.
They're right, lower end Marshalls aren't good at all. For Metal music I know for a fact that the Roland Cubes are fantastic and even the 60w is only £150. Alternatively, the new Peavey Vypyr is supposed to be very good indeed and a 30w can be had for £159. Unless you're gigging the 30w should be fine.
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