Hiya, So neither of these two songs are even close to finished but i thought i'd put up the rough cuts so i can maybe get some early criticism and encouragement

I guess they are sort of blues inspired rock

so anyway, the songs are called Wire and Dust, the production quality on both is awful but i would love some comments all the same

Crit for Crit!


ps they're in my profile
they're good,
atleast i liked it.
The guitar in 'Wire' sounds too sharp, i think you know what i mean.
But the playing is good.

You can try those free 'Voxengo' VST plugins to make your guitar and other stuff sound better.
I use Voxengo Boogex for cabinet modelling, and it sounds pretty cool.
I didnt use it on the tracks in my profile, they're kinda old.

Dust was very nice.
yeah i completely agree with the lead in wire being too sharp, I need it to cut through the rhythm but i think it needs a bit more crunch or something... cheers for the recommendation, i'll try those vsts out

i'll ratch through your profile and crit something of yours in a tic
Of the two I prefered Dust. You said yourself about the production quality so thats something for you to look into. On wire the guitar sounded a bit out of tune. I would agree with you about the guitar tone. In wire it was a bit squeeky if you get what I mean. I don't think they were bad for your first recordings. The more you wok at it the better they will be.

Check out mine.

Other than the quality and tone problems that were metioned(not a big deal we've all been there) I really like the songs. I liked dust a little more than wire though. I love the blues rock vibe you have going on. If you can check out some of the songs on my profile I would really appriciate it. Keep it up man.
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[edit] i've left comments on all your guys stuff now, thanks a lot.

No the drums are programmed from scratch, i guess i did something right if you had to ask that!

Any tips for sorting my tone/levels? I guess i should read some tutorials as all i do now is plug in and record, i'm not sure what sort of things to check!

Thanks very much for the crits!
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Hey there, thanks for the crits!!

Both songs have their own potential. "Wire" could be an instramental with just a few additions to it. While "Dust", needs some vocals IMO and some more changes. I really liked your drum arangements. They are original and therefore make both songs original.
I think if I had to choose from the two of them I would choose "Wire" as it stands now. It's more upbeat and more my style. However, "Dust" has the potential to be a really rockin song with some vocals and changes added.

Neither recording sounded very good though. The guitar tone needs improvment and the levels are way too high. The same goes for "Dust" but the tone was fine IMO. When I record I always try to record with low levels and the raise them after I've recorded them. This way you can prevent clipping and match all your levels alot easier. Although, I still have my own recording issues, clipping is not one of them.

Overall...Good Job, Good songs, great potential!!

I definitely like the tone on Dust, and I think that the drums sound pretty good. You did a good job on them, because I definitely thought that they might have been recorded drums. very cool!
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I actually really like dust, the tone is sweet and you have some really cool guitar riffs in there
I think you need a little be more structure to the song and maybe a little bit of a repetive chorus that will make it more memorable
the tone it wire has way too much bite, to aggressive, try to just tone it down a bit, i think the riffs are cool in wire as well

please check my stuff out too, that be great! Thanks!
Wire was pretty cool. the lead guitar sounded a little bit out of tune in some spots. The tone was also a little sharp.

Dust has a great tone. I like it. I think it could use vocals, however. The drums fit very nicely.

Both are good tracks with lots of potential. You already pointed out the poor sound quality. With a little work these could be great.
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Actually the quality wasnt as awfull as you made out gets the message across just fine.

I actually really liked "Dust" Reminds me almost of a tool sound that is in reference to the guitars (dont know why )

I think it would be really great if you stuck down some solid lyrics of sort.


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I'm recording from my crappy amp to M-Audio Fast Track with Reaper.

Yeah sorry about that intro to Wire, it scared the hell out of me today too when i listened back to it, didn't realise it was quite so loud! I've written a few extra bits for that song now so I'm just trying to learn a bit more about recording so I can do a better job this time...

Maybe someone can help me actually, this is a picture of Wire in Reaper... I assume it shouldn't really look like that? Am I just recording too loud from the amp or something? Its just that i find it hard to get the right amount of breakup without turning the amp up a bit...

I've got loads of lyrics written, i just have to work up the balls to actually sing them!
Thanks for critting mine!

About wire: I like the concept, and for being your first recording i don't see it as bad at all.
The guitar tone is not very great, a little but "sour" but thats not important since you haven't used any "real" recording equipment. Rock on and keep recording and you will improve a lot in no time!
I think you have a very cool vibe and, to my ears, a very honest approach and good energy. I like the jump of 'Wire', but I also like the mood of 'Dust'; well done bro.

Feel free to crit a couple of demos that my band-mates weren't interested in, recorded with freeware (Audacity) as well.


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Very nice

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I think Wire idea is cool, but it seems a little off, but it's a rough recording so whateva. I like the little bits of drums that you have on the offbeat it seems like a tape loop or something. Pretty neat. I like the little breakdown with the guitar... but again with the tone and everything as everyone else has said. And the timing.

Like the drums in Dust. Cool little intro. Might go on a little too long, but it's nice how everything enters. Guitars sound a little muddy, but other than that it's nice. Reminds me a bit of some Mogwai or something like that. Good stuff, keep working at it.

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