right ,basically what happened was i was drunk and stupid damaged my guitar all the old wires tore/messed up/came away from the pickups
and im all ready to get a new wire setup and put the old pickups back in but ive seen this wire popping out from the back and i dont think it was ever attached to anything to begin with but im not sure, any advice?
(and i know the paintwork looks nasty and unloved at the min but im working on that ,isnt the guitar beautiful? <3)
Thats the ground wire for the bridge, solder it to wherever everything else is grounded
alright cheers, i may sound noob for asking this but where abouts will everything be grounded (its alright aint a complete thicko just never had to rebuild a guitar before)
Usually it all grounds to the back of the volume pot....
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cheers ! this advice is much appricated ,oh man its amazing when it works and the awesome original pickups survied the big ripped-a-hole-in-the-scratchplate accident so cant wait to get it working again