Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone could help me for a new amp. I was thinking of an amp of about 50w (tube) or 100w (solid state).

I have 300-350$ to spend.

I usually play hard rock and metal, mostly metal, so i need a good distortion. Preferably not one of those modeling amps .

I currently own one of those 10w amps that come in first guitar kits , so anything would be better than that.

The only minimally viable amp i've seen so far was the Fender FM212R, but i've heard it lacks the distortion for metal.
Yeah, Fender amps aren't really built for metal.

And, you might have a hard time finding a quality amp with $350
Ibanez Toneblaster X
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Can you get a Flextone in that price range?
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the flextone is completely out of th price range and the toneblaster X is a bit too loud. That crate V50 looks good and durable, acording to a vid in youtube