I'm looking to trade my Fender Telecaster. Its a standard model (Mexican).

Guitar is chrome red, white pickguard, maple neck and is in perfect condition.

Looking to trade for another guitar, let me know what you got.
I've been wanting to swap my Ibanez RG350ex for a Tele, for ages it doesn't really suit my style
Thanks for the offer but I'm gonna have to pass as it's too similar to my Jackson....
looking for a vox ad50vt?
The link is in my sig
Its Getting Better All The Time
yeah mate whereabouts are ya, ive got an epiphone sg, or a squire 51 id be willing to let go of.
I thought this thread had died from lack of interest.

Thanks for the offers guys...

I'm not looking for another amp right now (unless it's a high gain monster).

I was thinking about keeping the guitar and chucking some new p'pus in, but I may be tempted by a cash offer....