i recently purchased a peavey xxx on ebay and i'm playing it through my MG cabinet. I'm a metal player, so my guitar is tuned pretty low. When i play on my lower strings i get this kind of fizzing noise thats kind of worrying me. Im wondering if this could be a problem with my MG, and maybe it cant handle the power of the head, or maybe a problem with the head itself(hopefully not). Do you have any ideas?
probably just those terrible speakers that are in the mg cab. maybe swap them out for some v30's or go out and buy a cab with them already in it, if that's an option.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
people have been reccomending the 1960 to me but thats not really in my budget at the moment. Are there any decent cabs i can get for a little less?