hey. I just need advice on what to buy.

I want to use my laptop to start recording guitar riffs and stuff onto it but am stuck on what to get.

I'v heard good things about the line 6 pod and also guitar rig 2. Would it be ok to record onto my laptop? what recording software should i buy? and also would i need to also buy decent speakers for my laptop?

yeah line6 toneport as far as i'm concerned
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The toneports are ok for small budget setups and ideas but they dont sound nearly as good as some of the interfaces which are only slightly higher in price such as the PreSonus Inspire or PreSonus Audiobox...

TS you need an interface and software to record to a laptop. Check your specks of the laptop compared to the software you plan to use to make sure they will work well. Most computers these days will work fine but vista sets some challenges such as interface drives.

IF you have vista, go with an M-Audio based product as they have some outstanding driver support for vista.
I got Line6 Toneport and I'm very, very satisfied. Have had one for about 6 months and it's awesome. The price is pretty incredible too.
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