Mint condition Fulltone OCD V.4 (Newest version) These are boutique, hand-made pedals from California USA.

Will consider a trade for a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET (I'll throw in some Cash)

Or will sell it outright for £100 Posted to the UK.

Includes Box, Sticker, Manual (Not that you'd need one)

"Smack a power chord and you (not only) hear the fundamental notes...but you get (count 'em) 4, 5, even 6 additional overtones ringing into a feedback... notes that you can whistle if your ear is good enough! Think; Zep's "Ocean," "Custard Pie," Classic tones including James Gang, the Beatles, AC/DC, FREE., etc.
Back off the guitar's volume and there are a dozen great other sounds at your fingertips... Clean, spanky sounds, with all the highs and lows still intact. And a Tele still sounds like a Tele, a Les Paul like a Les Paul. "
trade for a boss SD-1 overdrive and a GE-7 equalizer, both Boss? long shot but you never know =p
Fender Telecaster (MIM) <- the sentimental one

Fender USA strat

4 standing Oasis tickets, Cardiff 12th June - selling at face value go!
Would love one but unfortunatley dson't have the moolah.

bump for a great pedal
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trade for sd-1 and cash? slightly modded.
Call me Duncan.

Nearly always have D'addario EXL110 strings instock - just ask!

Custom made guitar slides available - choose the glass, length etc.. Engraving availible. PM or email for more info.


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