This song was inspired by the events of 9/11. It took 3 years to write and in the end i widened the scope for it to become a tribute to reluctant heroes everywhere who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of God and fellow man

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Did you confuse me with someone else
When you branded me a hero
Placed a ribbon around the neck
Of an inconsolable widow
Do you believe thoughts of bravery filled
My mind when pressed on every side
Or courage was the driving force
When fate plucked me from the crowd?

There was no time to contemplate
The consequence of course or action
Ponder the value of the cause
No time for introspection
Our final thoughts a secret to the grave
As we reach far beyond where duty calls
Lay down our lives, say a fond farewell
At the place where heroes fall

Were they gallant in their noble deeds
Did their faith shine clear and bright
When they were plucked from obscurity
And thrust into the world's limelight
Did courage rise, were their doubts soon dispelled
As their feet reached the point of no recall
Were their heads held high with that final step
To the place where heroes fall?

We will remember with deep gratitude
Their sacrifice upon life's altar
Lay a wreath to commemerate lest
We forget their acts of valour
A candle flickers through a window pane
There's a plaque to remind us on the wall
Where we bow our heads, say a final prayer
At the place where heroes fall

Copyright 2004 Alan Paul
I really like this alot. Thanks for posting this and i think that this is a great way to fufill the promise, "We Will never Forget." And 3 years? I get frustrated if i dont finish one in a week! LOL.