it definitly is beautfiul. kinda sounds like Going To California, but not! its great man keep it up!

"et quand le jour arrive la tourner el ciel et la tourner la mer et la mer eh ven embrasse moi et la deneh ve moi logis"
I really like it. It's really soothing and warm. There's a couple of times when the tempo slows down a little too much in your playing but that's really no biggie, I'm sure if you wanted to you could get it spot on.

But yeh, I likes it alot, how long did it take you to compose?


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- Woo!!
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Very very nice!! It did have a Zep feel to it, but depending on what you do with the background music, you could make it sound like, Rush, Heart, Extreme, many different types really. I liked it alot!!