I've read some threads from 2007 about lamusic.ca about their terrible online service and shipping. I figured that these were isolated cases and that they must have improved over the past year.

So I decided to try them out since they have great prices on acoustics and they're pretty much the only online music retailer in Canada. I ordered a Washburn d10s with a new stand and a couple sets of strings. Their web site states that "in stock" items will ship next day. So I made sure that all the items I chose were in stock.

4 days later, my order had not been shipped yet, so I decided to give them a call. They said that the guitar wasn't in stock and that it would be shipping "tomorrow". The only reason I chose that particular guitar was because their web site said it was in stock. My first choice was actually for a much more expensive guitar, but it wasn't in stock on their site.

So now it's Saturday. My order was supposed to ship yesterday. And big surprise, it's still on hold. What's worse is that they charged my credit card on the same day that I placed my order! So I'm paying for a guitar that I don't even have yet!

So if you must absolutely buy from these guys, DO NOT ORDER ONLINE! Their stock labels don't mean anything. And they do not respect their own shipping policies. At the very least, call them first to check if they have what you want. But then again, what they say over the phone might not be the truth either.

Anybody else had similar experiences with lamusic.ca?
Wish I had read this before ordering. I ordered something tonight, I'll keep you updated on how it goes.
Use zzounds.com. Iammusic.ca sucks balls.
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i know, i have had the same problem with them, but ii have orderd scince and just caled and made sure that they had the item in stock, if they don't try axe music
I finally ended up receiving my guitar. It took 32 days. So don't trust the "in stock" labels on their web site. They mean absolutely nothing.

Even the "in stock" stand I ordered was refunded to me because it was actually back ordered. They didn't even offer to switch it for another one. They just cancelled it. No matter, my local music store was selling them for much cheaper.

Call first.
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Use zzounds.com. Iammusic.ca sucks balls.

zzounds isn't any better. they sent me a schecter with a jenky ass fret job and then when i returned it they took forever to give me my money back.
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