what's up people? i'm thinking of getting a distortion pedal but i don't know wich one, so I was wondering if you could tell me what distortion pedals do these bands use, that would help a lot. thank you.

Arctic Monkeys
The Kooks
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Jimi Hendrix
Franz Ferdinand
budget's low. i have this small amp to play at home - roland micro cube
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What's your budget and what amp are you playing through?

pretty sure Frucsiante of the chilis ues a boss turbo distortion,
hendrix used fuzzes

Edit: cubes sound bad with pedals
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I'd suggest going for a DS-2, if you want the Frusciante kind of sound. For everything else, if you're short on money, I'd suggest just going for a DS-1
ha ha the kooks
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pedal+modeling amp=bad idea...

Either try and change your settings on your cube or put the cash towards a new amp fund. The cube is a good practice amp but it doesn't mix well with pedals
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