Hi, just started the guitar recently and decided buy an electric, problem is that when turn distortion on my amp I play, for example a C chord, I just heart some chunk of noise. If I play another chord it just sounds the same as all the other chords I play. Is this a problem with my amp settings or something else? I have an Ibanez XPT700 and a Roland micro cube. Thanks =D
chords arent meant to be played under heavy distortion, thats what power chords are for. just stick to playing those types of chords on your clean channel.
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thanks for the replies but my amp only has 5 settings for me to play around with. Gain, tone , efx, delay/reverb and these pre-set sounds. Which one of these do I have to change?
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I have tried playing around with the gain but it still sounds weird. When I hear a chord being strummed on electric with distortion and I try it on my it sounds completely different, I only hear a chunk of distorted noise. My tuning is the same as the song so I really don't know what the problem is. The song I'm talking about is American Idiot by Green Day btw.
Is your patch cord plugged in all the way on both ends? It's possible to plug a cord in partway and get something through the amp, but it won't be right. New amps, guitars and cords are especially prone to this, and ppl new to guitaring too. It's as though you're afraid of breaking something so you plug it in until it feels like it's right then stop. When in fact you didn't push hard enough to insert the plug the rest of the way. I'm guilty of this myself, which is why I'm mentioning it.
And as for settings on an amp, when in doubt, roll everything to 0 and start over one by one. Make sure you've got the guitar's volume control at about 5 to start out, then just pluck some strings and start turning up the different settings on the amp until you get what you want.
I'd say it might have something to do with EQ/gain settings and it producing frequencies your speaker can't handle. Try not rolling your volume to max on your guitar and see if that helps. I usually do this to enhance clarity when playing large chords with a lot of gain.