i live in an apartment that is pretty old, sometimes when playing through my tube amp i'll start getting alot of crackling and popping noises. i've noticed it happens more when my neighbor who lives above me is home. i dont get this interference when playing my solid state amps. are tube amps more sensitive to electrical interference or could it be bad tubes. was wondering if a power conditioner would clear this up?
While a power conditioner may fix your problem, it won't guarantee the problem will go away. Your neighbor may have some interference-causing electrical device. If you share a wiring run, which is not likely, depending on how your electric bill is paid, then it could definitely be a contributing factor. Or as you stated, it could be a bad tube or something else. I'd try the amp somewhere else & see how it responds, or even talk to your neighbor when the problem occurs, & ask what appliances they have running.
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^ +1 i got a power conditioner for my garage and it did me no good kind of a waste of $400.
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