So me and and my friend are starting a band. We know a drummer, but he'll probably want his best friend to join too. This wouldn't be problem, except that when the guitarist (drummer's friend) makes up a band name, he makes up something like "Aborted Bloody Fetus" or some shit like that. I want the drummer to join, but what's a polite way to say no to his friend? I wouldn't have a problem with the band name, except that we are trying to get gigs. I don't think people will go for a band named "Aborted Bloody Fetus", inless they're extreme metalheads or something like that.
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If you don't want him in the band, conduct a vote. If the other members agree for him to join, then you can decide on a non-offensive name.

Other than the name I don't see what's wrong with the guitarist joining the band.
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Is he any good? Just let him join if so and tell him you don't like his name suggestions, being in a band is all about working together and compromise and it doesn't sound like you're willing to do that from what you've written there.
I just really can't stand him. He's constanly making racist jokes (he's a racist), and he creates some really akward moments in front of parents with said jokes. He doesn't stop at racist either. Sexist, any kind of shock-humor. You name it, he's done it.
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Tell him to shut the **** up and learn some ****ing respect, and be very blunt like I don't tolerate your intolerance nor do I like how you continously try to be funny. Tell the drummer he's in, and if the drummer says he wants his friend, tell him that you're sorry but we aren't looking for another guitarist.
Thanks, but I do n't think I can do that.

I'm not worried about people hating me (I actually don't give a shit), I'm worried because he's a really good drummer, and the only drummer I know. I can't put an ad on craigslist.

I'm worried that the drummer won't join if I don't let his stupid friend in too.
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Again, talk to this dude. Whenever he makes a joke just to be like "Dude if you can't take this s**t seriously then I'm not sure we can do this. Grow up a little" Something along those lines. Other then that, I'd say deal with it as you see fit, don't say "F**K YOU" or anything like that, be mature about it man. And if he's a dick then you may have lost a drummer but I mean solve the problem now, instead of later on.
Thanks for the advice. So far the drummer hasn't mentioned anything about wanting him to join, so I'm hoping I can just avoid the whole thing altogether.
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A band, at it's most basic level, is just a group of people. If you don't work on this level, the music will suffer as a result.