Hey guys

I've recently come the conclusion that my achilles heel technique wise is throwing triplets into a series of downpicked notes. My question is: How do you (yes you!) play triplets if you were to, say, play two series of triplets in continuation of eachother? Would you play it with strickt alternate picking like

Down - up - down - up - down - up

or start each triplet with a downstroke like so

Down - up - down - Down - up - Down

I read in a magazine that the hetfield method is to start each triplet with 2 downstrokes (Down- down - up) but I'm not sure if this suitable for extremely fast stuff.

I know this is an extremely geeky question, but I would appreciate it if anyone would enlighten me on this subject.

i just do down-up-down,down-up-down.
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I use the Hetfield style for most metal rhythm triplets I play. Makes it so much easier than alternate picking them, especially for fast stuff, like the Battery riff. But that' just me, others might find alternate easier.
I usually do it down up down-down up down
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i mostly do the jaymz method, but for very fast stuff i do alt picking
d u d, d u d

just simply because doing anything fast starting on an upstroke/pick is usually not fun. only time i do the u d u is when im trem picking, cuz then i have the constant motion and not jsut a blatent u d u motion that i would in a regular triplet.
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for Rhythm playing: down up down down up down

for lead shredding: Down - up - down - up - down - up
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A triplet is a triplet -- 3 subdivisions to a beat. No such thing as a "metal" triplet.
That's the only way you should be looking at it. Beyond, that it's how you feel like
playing it. Alternate picked, economy, sweep, all down, legato, tapped... whatever.
Any connection between a triplet and how you happen to pick it, will only limit your
Cool! Thanks for all the good answers. I didn't expect this many entries so quickly. Thank you again. You guys helped a lot.