don't have a lot of money to spend on it. already have a peavey valveking 112.

1. replace stock speaker with celestion vintage 30 (or other speaker for alternative, pop pun/punk sound)

2. attach the valveking tos a crate v series v212b

3. any 412s that are 300 or below (witch i know are crap but i'm just throwin it out there)

4. or possibly a 212 or 412 avatar
because if you have a 2x12 cab separate, you can latter in time sell the valveking and use a better amp with the amp...
The only thing that upsets me is that if you had just added the 400 dollars you spent on a valveking and the 200 your adding to make it something you like you couldv'e gotten something alot better alltogether......

but so im not just being an ass, ill contribute. I say go for an Avatar 2 12.
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While I would tend to agree, he already has the VK and a good cab is worth having.
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but, i could replace the speaker for less money and then buy something better when my band gets better and gets more shows. also, the vk doesn't work with many cabs so if i buy a 212 for it, theres a good chance it won't work with my next amp or head. and just to respond to ninja penguin, i'm a 15 year old in a band. i wanted a nice amp for christmas, so i got the vk. not lookin for the most expensive or best amp, but i still got a good tube amp.
k heres what i'm thinking. i'll change the speaker to a veteran 30 (any other speakers work better for this type of music?). Then, i'll either change the tubes or get an eq pedal. Wich would be better?
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what do you mean by "the vk doesn't work with many cabs"?

Agreed, an avatar 2x12 with two veteran 30s would be a pretty good choice.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
i believe its sixteen but i think i'll get better results by replacing the speaker, tubes, and possibly an eq pedal. will a tube change or an eq pedal be better?
you can get avatar cabs rated at 16 ohms...trust me it is a much better investment in getting a separate cab
Get a speaker, and then get an eq, tubes aren't gonna make as big of a difference as those two things. If you still got the bucks I'd swap the tubes.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
okay thanks so much. what speaker will work best for me? veteran 30 maybe? and what eq? i don't really know how to use an eq pedal though
I've heard people plopping V30s in them so that or a Veteran 30 (wharehouse clone) would probably be good. For an EQ you can't go wrong with the MXR 10 band.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
and what does an eq pedal actually do? does it basically replace all the knobs like treble and mid on your amp?
Not really. Those knobs are in the preamp so they don't affect the sound after the preamp. If you put the eq in the loop you can control the sound before it hits the power section which give you more control. For the most control you would then use an attenuator with an eq so you'd have eq control before the sound hits the speaker.

You put an eq before the amp to compensate for the guitar, you put one in the loop to compensate for the amps controls, and one after the power section to do final tweaking and maybe compensate for the speaker.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
As an owner of the VK, I would suggest a 2x12 cabinet, as apposed to swapping the stock speaker/tubes. As people have mentioned, a cab would be a better investment, and a more notable mod to your VK than a tube swap. Also, you'll have two speakers instead of the one! Just make sure you match the 16ohm rating.

If you're new to EQ's, can I suggest the Danelectro Fish N Chips? Its not on the same level as the MXR, but its a good introduction, and damn sight cheaper - at least if you can't find any beneficial use from it, you won't have spent the large amount of money. Still, the MXR is worth the investment from what I've heard.
okay thanks so much. how can it affect your tone though? like could i use it to get more of a punk or alternative sound?
why is it worth it to get a cab? wouldn't it just cost a hell of a lot more money and basically sound the same if i change to the same speakers that the cab would have? plus, i don't have enough money to throw at a cab. i'll switch the speaker and get an eq. any other speaker recomendations besides the veteran 30?
but the thing is, when you get another amp, you could still use that same cab. Also, if you ever wanted to get a head, you would already have the cab
but i'm 15 and am not exactly in a famous local band. when and if i am, i'm sure i'll have the money to buy a nice cab and head.
A 2x12 cab will sound better than a stock speaker replacement, even if the speakers were the same; for a starters, the VK is open back, so the sound will be looser. Also, as has been mentioned, you will be able to use the cab with future amplification.
i don't have the money to by a 212. i can close the back of the valveking up if you really want me too. i can probly only spend like 150 max so a speaker change and an eq pedal is looking pretty good to me. i just don't know which speaker.
okay thanks. oh and if you got a 212 and later wanted a 412, could you stack them. and what if the cab i get doesn't work with the head that i might want in the future?
just a little re-wiring at most...

also, there is no point i see in having a 2x12 and a 4x12, if so i would suggest 2 2x12 as you can move the direction of each one.