Okay, I'm an intermediate guitar player and I've learned the entire rythym for the song "Crystal Mountain" by the band Death. Now I'm going back and trying to learn the solo from guitar pro (here is a link):


I can play all of it easily besides the two really fast staccato licks and I can play them at half speed clean. For the two fast licks (you'll hear them) do I just tremolo pick and keep trying to play it? Or is the solo just too advanced for me and I need to build up speed to play it? I can play the entire song and most of the short solo and it's really bothering me that I can't play these two simple but fast licks. Any tips besides the usual keep practicing and start slow and build up speed? Thanks!
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keep practicing, start slow and then when you got it, build up speed.

I can play the solo at half speed perfectly, it's just I can't tremolo pick and be accurate at full speed. Thanks for the advice.
Honstely, the way I learn tricky parts is to get the whole passage down REALLY slowly. Make it so you can play it without stopping at a ridiculously slow speed.

Then, even if you get bored, constantly repeat the passage, all the time. Out of mere repetition, your muscle memory will allow you to get the passage down faster and faster. Beat it to death, figuratively speaking.

TL;DR Version:

Practice lots = getting it down