So i understand when recording on your computer you need to change the default recoding setting to whatever your using. But i never ever change the defualt sound playback. by changing that to the same thing as default recording device what does it do? does it have somthing to do monitoring?
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Yep, sound playback basically means where you want to monitor the song from, so you shouldn't be putting it as the recording device. Unless you have specific monitor speakers that you want to listen to the mix from, you should leave it as where your main speakers are connected to.
By changing the recording and playback to your audio interface and tell it to default to that it tells the system that is where the audio should route to whenever you play or record any type of audio. An interface is great because they normally give low latency for recording and playback.

If you keep the playback on your stock sound card chances are you will have latency on playback and trying to multi-track will be next to impossible.