i think i found my amp. tubes are new, it's the black 212 classic 50. looks and plays great and in excellent condition
yea i got classic 30, but I paid 1000 bucks for a new one because I live in Europe where US high end gear is at rip off prices

peavey classic = sex
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Sweet. I've been looking for a used C30 forever. Can't fucking get one in canada though.

I paid $400 for a Classic 30 used so I say that's a good deal. Only problem is, that this amp sounds good loud and I have trouble cranking this baby as it gets to roommate annoying level quite quickly.

Hope you have the option to play loudly.

Also check ebay. That's where I got my C30 and I'm in Canada. I bought it from a US seller but it works great and I did have to get it fixed, but I think that more has to do with me dropping it down stairs.... It still works!
I'd say you're looking at your new amp...
I don't charge much...

If you don't click this , you'll die :/