so i recently switched to a new guitar, an rg1570 (with a wizard II neck i believe) which i like a lot except for the following issue...

i've been playing for about 5 years now and never had any sort of injury problem. suddenly i've hurt my pinky from playing to the point where i'm going to go and see a doctor to diagnose it properly (though i think its rsi).

a friend told me that this is a known issue with thin necks and that it is not uncommon to experience injury despite having good technique and posture.

anyone else experienced this or know anything about it? thanks
I've never heard anything like that, and without thinking too hard I can't imagine a reason that thin necks would hurt your fingers. I played with a pretty thin neck for two years - my posture at the time was probably terrible - and I never injured myself.
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I've got an RG and and S, and I've never had the problem you're suggesting.

Also got a strat with a much beefier neck, and played on Les Pauls.

You might just have had bad luck. We all get injured sometimes.
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nah what you could get with thinner necks is some kind of injury in the thumb while playing chords and what not. jumbo frets also help chord difficulty therefor, having to press with your thumb harder.
pinky? plain bad luck.
I doubt it. I mean, the best shredders wouldn't use them if it injured their playing.