I will soon be buying the bugera 6262 all tube and have considered micing the amp to get some good recordings as I have gown tired of my toneport GX and its digital sound. I dont intend on spending much,was looking at this mic


what else would i need to connect to the pc?
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You will want an audio interface, you can get one for around $150 these days which is dirt cheap. A PreSonus Inspire for $200 new would be a better choice IMO as it has better preamps and converters on board. IF you have Windows XP go with the Mackie Onyx Satellite.

For a mic you cant go wrong with the Shure SM57 which is a killer deal at just $100.

You will think that's a ton of money but once you get into recording gear, nothing is "Cheap"...

You can run a mic into the Toneport GX but you need an adapter and it;s still going though the cheap instrument preamp in that unit... I suggest a new interface...

Cheap mics like the one you are looking at will distort at low volumes which a tube amp normally puts out. The SM57 would be a better choice IMO.
one of those little mic stands for micin' amps, a proper cable or two

the rest depends on what your recording with
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if it isa mono mic(which it looks like by the price) then all you need is a xlr-quarter inch.... then buy a quarter inch adapter to 3.5mmcompatible with computer... although if its stereo your gonna need xlr-quarter inch-some interface(with phantom power-to power mic) then a quarter inch-quarter inch running from the interface...2 a another quarter inch-3.5mm for the comp
please dont get that mic to record with, you will be very unsatisfied. i agree with moody, you cant go wrong starting out recording with an SM57
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Get an SM57, a good inexpensive XLR-XLR cable, and a USB interface (even something like this MXL will work well). It can be less than $150 total.
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