i have a tokai les paul copy and as much as i love it, it could be so much better.
soo for christmas, i was thinking about getting loadsa upgrades for it.

i was looking into:
new tuners,
new nut
new pickups (gibson '57 classics i think)

and i need a really nice distortion pedal!
i play ACDC, stuff like that!
and a delay pedal to as there always fun to play around with!

any suggestions would be appreciated!



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if a pedal is "fun to play around with" remember that the novelty will wear off pretty quick.
if you like distortion for pickups i'd suggest a gibson burstbucker pro in the bridge and either 57' classic or 57' classic plus in the neck, less feedback and better distortion sound with the burstbukcer pro
I'm gonna suggest you get a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates/'59 combo. They don't sell those two together, so you'll have to buy them separately.
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