Please critique my playing
I've been playing since July of this year. Please tell me what you see is wrong (phrasing/scales/techniques/time/etc). This is recorded thru PC Sound Card via 1/4 to 1/8 adapter into Guitar Rig 3 into Ableton, I have a shitty vox Solid state amp and this was a better option . Solo is in A Minor Pentatonic with some slip ups.
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i like your tone and i also like your avatar, do you have any full size pics of that
Very one dimensional. Try changing to some other strings instead of just the one you're plucking away on. Toss some chords in there. Mix it up. Also don't rely so heavily on that same tone(effects) for that long of a time, it get's boring. Mix that up as well.
Ok tho for someone who just started playing in July of this year. Keep at it!
Neat. Shades of "Paint it Black" towards the beginning there.
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