my band plays all our songs in d# or 1 flat tuning. so all the covers we do are guns n roses and danger danger. what other artists have songs in that tuning of that type of genre?
You can play songs that are in standard you know. I play GNR in standard, it doesn't have to be the same key.
Pretty much all of the songs on Coheed and Cambria's "Good Apollo Vol 1 From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness" are in D# tuning,

Circa Survive use it alot also over both their albums
most of blind guardian stuff
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Do you mean Eb? I've never heard it been called 1b before.
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wtf?!?!?! commas dude
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wtf?!?!?! commas dude

He was missing one comma you cockhouse.
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Just play songs in standard in your tuning. No biggie.


if not then some Poison maybe? or Coheed & Cambrias 3rd album stuff!
weezw have most of there songs in d#

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Galneryus or Sonata Arctica for some challenging songs.
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He was missing one comma you cockhouse.

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Alice in Chains does a lot of their stuff a half step down from standard and Drop D tunings.
Assuiming your mostly an 80s hair cover band, try L.A Gunns. im pretty sure most of their stuff is in Eb, at least what i learned from them was.

LA Gunns
Steelheart (I THINK)

Those should do ya
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He was missing one comma you cockhouse.

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TS, the only artists I know of are Slash and Hendrix.