is it ok to put size 11 strings on a les paul. i bought 11's and the first two strings broke while putting them on, i was even tuning a Bb and Eb, and they both broke before they even got close to the right notes.
and fag oneida music told me strings break while tuning, and wouldnt give me a new package
well thats retarded. higher gauge strings should break less, you either ****ed up on the tuning or they were defective.

it is completely fine to put .11's on your les paul, to answer your question.
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ive got 11s on mine

what strings did u use?
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I have 12's on my LP, I only had to adjust the action and intonation a bit.
What you simply did wrong was, tuning too fast.
Tune those thin strings with caution.
They have to get used to the situation,

So next time do it slowly,