Hey hey,
a buddy of mine and I have a little band, we split all the instruments between us, and i mix and produce everything. I'm on guitar and vocals, we have a new song called "Far Away" and we really wanted to try and crystallize our sound, which we call southern-flavored indie rock. Please take a listen, and throw me some feedback, I'll return the favor!

www.myspace.com/onwilshire -- "Far Away"
Wow. This is really good. Excellent job. I really enjoyed your voice and the guitar playing. The symbals did kinda sound weird, but thats it. Great job. Keep tracks like this comin.
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Yeah, our set up is pretty low budget: a mac, a 16 track mixer, and 1 mic haha. So..we have to mic the whole drum kit on one =[ but..we try to get the best sound we can out of it
this is really good. the drums do sound really good, especially for for recording with one mic. the finished product is really good.
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pretty damn good man
I think the only criticism i could make is based on the equipment! Higher Quality/more mics and such would improve the sound, but of course thats nothing you don't already know. The last minute is especially good, quite epic and moving.
Your vocals are quite good and I can't fault the playing at all.

The other stuff on your page is good too, but i think this is my fav

If you get a chance it'd be great if you could crit mine: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Poxican/