We have been a band for around 5 years now. We used to be named Graven-Suicide until 2007 when we changed to Lethal By Default. We have had several line-up changes over the years. Im the sole surviving founding member(Cory, guitar/vocals). We have Lauren on Bass, we are one of the only bands in our area with a chick in the band. Eric on drums and we are kind of looking for a singer.

We sort of slowed the search because ive been doing vocals for the past year now and people seem to like my vocals and keep telling me that i get better everytime they see me.

With our tunes we have on our myspace, go easy on us. They are home recordings about a year old. We are now in the studio getting "professional" recordings done. The guy doing our recordings has a lot of his work on 92.7 The Laser(area radio station) for some local bands that they play.

So hopefully soon we can replace those home recordings.

tell us what you think.
It was good, not my kind of music, but good. The vocals seemed a bit bland though. Get into it! YEAH! GET EXCITED!