hey guys
i just bought the lr baggs m1 soundhole pickup
and the lr baggs para acoustic di
i want to record my taylors sound, but i am having difficulty truly capturing its sound with the pickup

i got this setup cuz it was recommended by you guys and other reviews i saw online as really good in capturing the sound, but i am having difficutly with the lr baggs di!

i am not sure what to set things at, i am trying my best (but i am so new at this)
please help!

here is a link tot he manual
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are you using the DI to record? what kind of problems are you having capturing the sound? is it too quiet? sound too weak? noisy?
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What recording interface are you using?

If you want to capture what you hear, then a quality condensor mic would come closer I think, than that pickup system. Try recording both simultaneously and mixing to suit your taste.

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