no chorus lyrics. the chorus is just supposed to be music on this song. two lines are sang as one...it's just alot to type on one line

There's no hope in sight on a stormy night
As we try to make our way
Through the gusting winds and the raging fires
Back to the light of day
When the lightning Strikes and the thunder's loud
And the sky turns to gray
You better run, and you better hide
From the burning acid rain

Through moonlit forests, across choppy seas
Over burning hills of sand
Trying with every ounce of strengh
To make it to the promised land
Weight of the world resting on our shoulders
Trying to bring us down
Going off the edge, falling faster and faster
Until you hit the ground

Light up ahead at the end of the tunnel
We finaly made it through
Put our faith and trust in the Lord above
That's all he asks of you
When it gets too much to handle on your own
You can hand it off to him
Cuz only Jesus Christ above
Can save you from your sins
Hedgehogs go mooo
Sounds like a Dragonforce song haha
It's good though just reminds me a lot of Dragonforce