So im thinking about upgrading the stock pickups in my Ibanez sz720 to some the duncan hotrodded humbucker set. I've already researched the and they match my playing style, but I have found two versions of this set. One is 130 for the PU's. The other 140 with the same PU's but they come with nickel covers. Do these covers do anything for the sound or is it just purely cosmetic. Also, if you are familiar with this guitar how do you think the nickel covers will look and can you buy covers for pickups seperetly. I've never seen them for sale anywhere.
Mostly, it's cosmetic. They might do a lil, but not nough for it to be noticeable. As for looks, well, it's up you, but I think they look ok myself. And you might be able to find the covers separate, but it'll take some searchin, man. I've never seen pickup covers for sale separately. Anyway. Ever.
I just recently removed the PU covers from my Elitist '57 Gold Top Les Paul and like them off (see my profile pics). I suppose you can always buy the covered ones and try removing them to see which you like better (not a bad option for $10 more) But you need a 100 -150 Watt iron to unsolder the solder bridge holding the covers on and it does take some knowledge of soldering to accomplish. If you're into more metal and the look of metal style guitars, go for the uncovered ones. They'll be good, afterall they're SDs.
Moving on.....
thanks i appreciate the speedy reply, i guess ill think about it for a while