Hi all,

I played about 7 years ago (acoustic only) for a year, but then gave up. However; 2 months ago I bought myself a new electric, and I'm 'finding my feet' so to speak, getting used to the fretboard, easy riffs, chords etc, but I'm struggling to find any decent beginners songs.

I know there's a few threads on here with lists for beginners, intermediates and advanced players etc, however, they all seem to be towards the death metal fans, which I'm not tbh...

Don't get me wrong, there's a few decent tracks that I like, e.g. AC/DC, Metallica, guns n roses etc, but there doesn't seem to be any classic rock anthems. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?
the Kinks have some pretty easy riffs if you know basic power chords. The Rolling Stones also have a lot of really easy ones.
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Enter Sandman - Metallica

Do it


Yeah, 'tis a belter that track. Love it. I can manage the intro so far.

Cheers guys.
Highway to hell is good for chording, and the solo ain't so hard either.
Enter Sandman is a decent song for beginners, but don't try the solo yet.
The slide parts and chords for the first part of Free Bird are good also.
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Just thought I'd bump this thread as I've mastered 'Enter Sandman' now and I'm looking for a new song to follow on from that one (same level).

Any suggestions?

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im a begginer, but i can play most of kryptonite by three doors down and discovering the waterfront by silverstein and neither of those band are anything like death metal...
I absolutely love 'Hotel California', but I think it's slightly out of my league tbh...

I've listened to Kryptonite, and I'm not really into them tbh...

I like;


Guns 'n' Roses



Nirvana (can play the usuals, like teen spirit, in bloom, etc)

That's a few I like, to name but a few...