So I recently got a cheap S.S amp. It's a Fender G-Dec Jr. ; and my friend's brother seemed to know a lot about guitar so I asked my friend to ask his brother (O_o) if I made a right choice
And then I hear in the background (on the phone) "Honestly, it sucks" , "Seriously, a solid state?" And then i was like.. -_-.. nvm you suck
Well I got it because i wanted some effects and didn't want to buy separate pedals, but does solid state suck that much compared to tubes? Like say someone plays a $150 tube amp and someone else plays a $150 solid state. Would you be able to tell like "Ewwwww that guy is playing solid state!! "

Either way, I woulda still chosen my amp because of the effects, and that I heard solid states are more durable. Like I sometimes leave my amp on all night on accident a lot, and I don't really want to replace tubes every x months in a $150 amp.
Yeah.. I just want some opinions
Does SS suck that much compared to tubes?......In a word yes, however if its just a bedroom practice amp SS is fine, tube amps need to be cranked to get a nice tone. Also I don't think you can even get decent tube amps for anywhere near $150 so don't worry too much.
IMO I believe tube amps are better because you get a richer warmer tone.

Are you going to get a new amp?
you'd be lucky to find a 150$ tube amp seriously and yes it does make a big difference, but since you're starting out a solid state is enough
For a practice amp, a solid state is often better, because tube amps give their best sound at high volumes
one thing though, next time you buy an amp try not to choose it because of the effects, and more about its sound, because the onboard effects aren't very good(usually)
hope this helps
Lolz, a $150 valve (tube) amp would probably be a 5 watter, thats usually 2 valves, you could probably replace the two or $12 if ya had a look around. Even then, youd probably only need to replace the power valves, since the preamp valves last for years. A yearly replacement of 1 valve for proably $10 at most isnt alot.

Solid states may take a bit more beating, (no risk of accidently smashing your valves in) but if you actually care about the stuff you own a valve amp is more bang for the buck, not just because it generally sounds better.

Its been said here 100 times; "Your valve amp breaks, you get it repaired, your solid state amp breaks you buy a new amp", because most solid states are just too complicated, harder to work out whats wrong, and harder to replace components, especially with your modelling amp, which is basically a computer attatched to a speaker. If that ever went out it'd cost you more money to get fixed than what you paid for the amp.

Valve amps sound alot more musical, tonefull, more dynamics, and sound alot better at high volumes than solid states, also, a hell of a lot louder than an equally rated SS amp. Try one out TS, you might like it.

Ive never plaid the G-Dec, but your right on one thing, your friends brother sucks, theres plenty of good Solid State Amps, (or modelers in your case), the Roland Cube 30/60, the Vox Valvetronix, the new Peavey Vypyrs look pretty solid, the Line 6 Flextone, Roland Jazz Chorus and so on.

If you like your amp keep it, its your opinion that counts
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but does solid state suck that much compared to tubes? Like say someone plays a $150 tube amp and someone else plays a $150 solid state. Would you be able to tell like "Ewwwww that guy is playing solid state!! "

There aren't really any tube amps for $150 but there's the Crate V series and Epiphone Valve Junior. To be honest it depends what you're playing - at that price range most amps will sound like crap regardless, but the Valve Junior and Crate V are good for the price. They aren't made for death metal, but they get the job done.

You could've spent your money on a better modeler anyway (i.e. Peavey Vypyr, Vox Valvetronix, Roland Cube) but at least you didn't get a Line 6 Spider or Marshall MG. Furthermore tubes generally have to be replaced a year after purchase but that varies from amp to amp and level of usage.
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your not gigging in from of 2000 people, its just for bedroom right? nothing wrong with that at all
^it does. And a Midi port and tuner. I got one starting out and it was fun but I grew out of it. Nice to have a headphone jack though and you can pick it up and carry it around quite easily.

But plus 1 to Becky - she kinda nailed it.