I was just playing my guitar and something horrible happened. A screw fell out and the bottom side of the bridge pickup was knocked back into the body. What do I do to fix this???
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I can't really see what part you're talking about.

What kinda guitar is that?
Quote by ze monsta
1) Take off the strings.
2)Unscrew that pickup.
3) Take said pickup out.

And you should be able to go from there on your own.

I have no new strings to put on. (I need some though)
remove pickup ring. remove pickup and pickup ring from guitar. Put screw that fell out along with spring back into pickup/ pickup ring assembly. Reinstall
pull the pup up at then screw it in.
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You might be able to manage that without taking the strings off at all. If you just loosen the strings on that side of the pickup a little bit, you can unscrew the pickup and push the pickup upwards until the threads on the screw catch it. I'm assuming that the one side of the pickup is lowered do to not having a screw to hold it up and the gap between the pickup and the pickup ring to to big for the screw to reach. It should be really easy.
The pup wont come up! The screw os all the way in and it feels like its just sitting there not touching anything.
just cause its rear-routed doesn't mean there is a cavity underneath the pickups

unless the pickup screw hole is damage then you just hafta work it gently until it goes back in... your screwing a screw with tension from a spring sometimes it is annoying
I don't know what "rear-routed" means but if it means that i can push the pickups up from the back by taking off the plate, then no. That was the very first thing i did. All i found were springs to the bridge.
take the springs around the pickup ring out and pull the whole thing out and put the screw back in