well ill be short , a friend of mine is gonna give me a Bc rich Dark Arts Warlock , I just wanted to know how good is this guitar ?I am newb in Electric guitar world
entry level guitar.
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That will be a fine beginner guitar, just practice with it, and once you get better save up for a better guitar.
its an OK guitar for beginners but once you get more money and are serious about playing guitar then get a new one

and its a metal guitar so....its good for metal songs..
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what make it an ok guitar ? i mean whats wrong with it ? U GUYS said its for beginners i just wanna know why ? can u xplain for me ?
It has crappy pickups, the wood used is not very good, and its not going to be the best quality going.
Thats why its a beginners guitar.
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Until you get to the ~900+ range, BC Riches aren't all that good. That one is $500 though and looks decent, if you're starting with that you'll be more than fine. I'd DEFINITELY take it, it has an OFR.

Later on, you can always swap the pickups, and then you'll get some good sounds out of it.