Yeah, people don't use batteries for pedals forever, or at all? Usually, when would one get a power source for their pedals? Like when they get 3-4? 10? Never?
Do you have one? When did you get yours? How long do batteries last?
I never use batterys befor and I got my first guitar pedal on tuesday I think. I wont do any giging for a few months or longer so I just got a power supply. If I couldn't get a power supply I would of just went to Walmart or somewhare and get rechargeable 9v batterys so I wouldn't care much.
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batteries do sound a bit better, and give you less hum, but the difference is only really noticable when you have ALOT of high end gear. I use a Dunlop DC brick, its great! I got....9 pedals, and it powers them all very well.